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A dream with a house symbolizes your self, purpose, or personal circumstances. It can also sometimes symbolize your state of health.

If you are moving to new or bigger house then it suggests that something in your life needs to change, or you are at a stage of change and development in your life.

To see or be in a small house indicates that you are looking for security in some aspect of your life. A pokey house that is difficult to move around it implies that you feel restriction in some part of your life.

A messy or cluttered house may imply that you are looking for motivation for change in some aspect of your waking life.

To be repairing a house or to see a house being repaired, suggests that you may have health issues or relationship issues that need addressing.

To clean the house suggests that you are freeing yourself from old habits, thoughts or ways that are no longer useful, or you are looking to improve some aspect of yourself.

An empty house would imply that you need to be more independent, you feel lonely or isolated, or lack confidence in some area of your life, whereas with a furnished house the objects may represent your concerns or some part of your character.

Your childhood house would suggest you are seeking security or less responsibility in some aspect of your life.

To see a haunted house would imply that you are experiencing emotional restraint, family dealings, or unfinished business.