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dreams about cheatingA common dream that people often talk about is dreams about cheating, but what does it really mean when you have cheating dreams?

Cheating Dreams Are About You

Dreams about being cheated on is very common and they can sometimes feel so real and emotionally devastating that people often wake up feeling somewhat concerned and they may start to wonder if there is something they are being alerted to.

The truth is that this dream is so common that it is actually symbolic, and so you need to keep in mind that all the people in this dream, actually represent something about you, not them.

Analyzing Your Dreams About Cheating

When analyzing this dream you need to remember that the dream is all about you, and your partner in the dream represents how you go about your life.

cheating dreams revealedSo in a relationship your partner is there by your side and you are committed to each other, you have an agreement of commitment to each other and to stick together. So cheating dreams actually represent some kind of breaking of the original agreement or commitment in some part of your life.

So when you have dreams about cheating, think about the past few days in your waking life and where you may have been thinking about breaking an agreement or commitment to something.

Where Might This Dream Apply In Your Waking Life?

Since most people spend a great deal of time throughout the day in the workplace, dreams of cheating can sometimes represent some kind of change at work that you have been thinking about making, such as applying for a new job for example.

Most people are loyal to their employers or are committed to their choices, so therefore thinking about making some kind of change in your work environment can show up as dreams about cheating, or the breaking of some commitment.

So dreams like this actually symbolize things in your life where you are thinking about breaking some kind of commitment, either to yourself or to others. So you feel like you are cheating on yourself in a way.

When you have this dream ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are you copping out of something you should really be committed to?
  • Are you over-committed to something; is it time to move onto something else?
  • Do you feel like you have let yourself down?

Once you ask yourself the questions above and think about where in your life over the past few days they may apply, you can really start to get a feel for what these dreams of cheating are really about.

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