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falling dreams meaningA lot of people have dreams about falling, so we are going reveal what these falling dreams are really about!

1. A Physiological Glitch

There are two types of falling dreams; the first one is where you are just drifting off to sleep and you think you are still awake and all of a sudden your body jerks and you wake up. This is physiological glitch taking place.

As we fall asleep our brain shuts off the muscles in our body so that we don't physically act out our dreams! So what happens is if you are still slightly awake and not in full sync with the relaxation of your body, then as you start to fall asleep sometimes you can see a little slideshow of images, and your body then reacts by moving because the muscles have not yet been fully shut off by the brain.

2. You're Letting Go Or Hanging Onto Something

The other type of falling dream is where you are experiencing falling during an actual dream. To interpret dreams of falling you need to think about 2 things:

  • What is taking place in the dream?
  • How did you feel while falling in the dream?

There are two types of scenarios to this dream. Less often people will say that they felt good while falling in the dream; they decided to let go of whatever they were hanging onto and felt good while taking the plunge. Often people have this kind of dream when they have been holding onto something in their waking life such as a job, an attitude, a person, etc. and they've just decided to let go and this is what the dream symbolizes.

More often is the other scenario where during dreams about falling you are holding on for dear life and are frightened about falling. We can have dreams like this when we are frightened about letting go of something or we are clinging onto something. The dream can also reflect the release of fear in some area of your life, or anxiety or worry in your waking life and this tension has built up and is representing itself in a metaphorical way of falling.

dreams about falling outcome

Outcomes In Falling Dreams

If the adrenaline from falling in a dream doesn't wake you up, then there are usually 2 outcomes in this dream.

In dreams about falling you may fall and when you hit the ground it is a soft landing and you are unharmed and you just continue on in the dream. This dream can sometimes be a reminder that when we face our fears we can then move onto betters.

Other times in falling dreams you may fall and then you are observing yourself dead on the ground, but you are not frightened as you are still alive and then the dream just continues on. A dream like this can often represent a part of your life that has ended or evolved, so you've transformed or moved on and are going forward into the next phase of your life.

Analyzing Your Dreams About Falling

To analyze your falling dreams, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you lack confidence or are worried about failure in some area of your life?
  • Do you have a feeling of anxiety or a fear of letting go of something or someone?
  • Are you taking the plunge in some area of your life?
  • Are you being over-ambitious? Perhaps you need to address things in a realistic way rather than letting your pride get in the way.

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