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what do recurring dreams meanHave you ever wondered what do recurring dreams mean? Well you are not alone!

Many people are troubled by the repetitive or recurring dreams that they have, particularly if they are frightening or unpleasant dreams! 

The Dreaded Recurring Dreams

Sometimes we find ourselves dreaming of the same thing over and over again, either once a month or every few months, or in some cases even night after night! So we get these recurring dreams which can either be exactly the same dream each time, or similar dreams containing the same symbols or scenarios.

So what do recurring dreams mean then? Well what recurring dreams are is they are highlighting some area in your waking life where there are unresolved issues or something that hasn't been resolved. They can often be associated with anxiety, coping with difficulty, issues, and unexpressed emotions.

So let's take an example. A dream where you are driving a car and the breaks don't work can be related to fear of failure, feeling helpless or like something in your life is out of control. So if you was to have a dream like this night after night for a few months then it means that you still haven't sorted out the thing in your life that the dream represents.

Getting Rid Of A Recurring Dream

So a recurring dream helps us to understand the issues we are facing and when you finally understand what the dream is about, you can find out what issue is recurring in your life and once you deal with the problem you find the dream goes away.

Sometimes you may find that recurring dreams do change slightly, and so you should take note of the changes between the dreams. If you have been documenting these dreams in your dream journal, then take a look at what the differences are between them because it might be that even though you haven't yet fully dealt with the issues in your life, you may have started to resolve some of the issues. So by doing this it can help you to narrow down the thing in your life that the dreams reflect.

So as you can see there really isn't anything to worry about when it comes to your recurring dreams! Oftentimes you can resolve these recurring dreams by making small adjustments in your life, a simple sorting out of a minor issue can help you to get rid of your recurring dream for good!

Analyzing Your Recurring Dreams

If you have a recurring dream, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is there some unresolved issue in your life?
  • Are you approaching something in the same way or repeating your actions in some part of your life? Maybe you are making the same mistakes over and over again for example.
  • Are you failing to change your attitude towards something?
  • Do you have any restraints in your life?

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