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how to control your dreams easilyCan you control your dreams? Dream research says yes, if you follow a few simple steps. If you want to take your favorite people, places, and subjects with you into your dreams, dream incubation is the way to do it.

With just a bit of preliminary work, soon you'll know how to control your dreams and how to dream about what you want!

How to Dream What You Want

Dream incubation is the process of visualizing specific objects, people, places, or scenarios before you go to sleep, thereby programming them into your dreams. It takes three steps to properly incubate a dream.

Step 1: Visualization

As you're getting ready for bed, it's essential to visualize and think about the dream content you want before you drift off to sleep. You can be as simple or elaborate as you want, but the more you focus and create the dream in your waking mind, the more likely you will be to dream about it. You can even write down the dream to solidify it before you fall asleep.

Go through the dream step by step, imagining the feelings, smells, and sights one by one. It may help to look at a picture of what you intend to dream about. Without concentrating too hard, keep the dream in your mind as you drift off to sleep.

can you control your dreams really

Step 2: Environment

You are more likely to dream peacefully if you create an environment conducive to sleep and dream. Going to bed at an appropriate hour and going through any nighttime rituals will help to relax you and prepare your mind for dreaming. Make sure your clothes and bedding are clean, and there is nothing too stimulating in the environment.

Avoid stimulants, alcohol, and heavy foods before sleep, as these can affect the content of your dreams and may even make your sleep dreamless.

On your bed stand, keep a notebook or recording device so you can immediately record your dream when you wake up. We often forget the details of our dreams only minutes after waking up from sleep, and if you fall asleep again before recording a dream it's very unlikely that you'll recall it at all.

Step 3: Remembering Dreams

Remembering your dreams is an important step of dream incubation practice. Set an alarm just a few minutes before you usually wake up, using a gentle tone like a bell. If you jolt yourself from sleep, you may forget your dreams.

When you do wake up, be as still as you can and don't disrupt the body. Simply lie there and try to recall what you dreamed about. Don't only recall the images, but the sensations and feelings as well. Then write everything down in your journal to keep track of how well your dream incubation practice is working.

It may take a few tries before your visualizations turn into dreams, so don't be discouraged and keep it up. It won't take long, and these simple steps are all it takes to dream what you want.

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