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do dogs dream reallyMany people ask the question do dogs dream, and in short the answer is yes! But what do dogs dream about then?

Do Dogs Dream Really?

Many dog owners out there have observed their dogs movements during their sleep and therefore believe that their dogs are dreaming. The types of things people have seen their dogs do during sleep include whimpering, barking, moving paws, growling, trembling legs, sniffing, jumping up and looking around, the list goes on. 

In support of this idea, there is good scientific evidence which suggests that dogs do actually dream just like other animals have been seen to. Scientists have monitored the brain activity of rats while they are both awake and asleep and they see similar patterns recurring as the rat enters sleep which suggests that the rats are dreaming about what they were doing during the day. 

During the experiment the rat was set to run a maze and the scientists meanwhile monitored and recorded the brain cell patterns (or neurons) onto a computer as the rat experiences it's day to day activities, in this case running through the maze! The rats neurons show unique patterns based on where it is and what it is doing. Now when the rat goes to sleep they see the neuron patterns recur, so the scientist not only could see that the rat was dreaming about running the maze, but also exactly where in the maze the rat was in it's dream!

So What Do Dogs Dream About Then?

what do dogs dream aboutSimilar scientific studies have been done with both dogs and cats and the findings again suggest that they seem to be dreaming about the things they commonly do during the day. 

So just like our dreams reflect our emotions, concerns, preoccupations and things taking place in our life, the same seems to be true for dogs and other animals too. 

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