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You may find yourself curious to know; what do blind people dream about? If most of their world is dark, what do their dreams look like? There has been much data recorded on the nature of blind people's dreams as many people wonder can blind people dream, and you may be surprised at what you learn.

Because dreaming is a function of the brain and not the eyes, blind people are fully capable of dreaming. While the cause is not important, the time that blindness occurs in life may play a role in determining what content blind people dream about.

What Do Blind People Dream About Then?

Blind people dream about much the same content as sighted people, though the way they dream about it may be a little different. Dreams can contain all aspects of the senses, from sight, taste, touch, smell, and sound. Most dreams consist of visual and auditory elements, but less than 1 percent of reported dream content contains the other three senses. This may simply be because most people heavily rely on sight and sound in daily life.

This theory gets credence from the fact that blind people report dreams containing the sensations of smell, taste, and touch more than sighted people do. This implies that whatever senses you use most in waking life will show up more in your dreams. Other than differences in sensations experienced in dreams, blind people report few differences in content compared with sighted people, except for the interesting finding that sighted people experience more aggression in their dreams.

can blind people dream

Can Blind People See Their Dreams?

In answer to the question, “do blind people dream?” we can reply with an emphatic yes. But what goes on in the dreams of blind people, and do they dream in pictures and images like most people? The answer to this question depends on when in their life a person became blind.

Evidence suggests that if a person became blind before the ages of about 5 to 7, their dreams will not contain visual imagery. Those who became blind later in life are more likely to have images in their dreams. This implies that the brain's ability to dream in images develops before the ages of 5 to 7. If someone goes blind before this window of time, they are unlikely to be able to dream in images. The longer a person has been blind, the less visual content their dreams contain.

Can Blind People Dream in Color?

Similar to findings about whether blind people can see in their dreams, research shows that it is possible for blind people to dream in color if they have had sight in their life. Those who lost their sight more recently are more likely to have more color and image in their dreams. Because our dream content is based on what we experience in our waking life, it doesn't make sense that someone would dream in black and white unless that's what they see during the day.

There are many ways to interact with the world in waking life, and this is just as true of dream life. Whether you can see or not, your dreams are bound to be full of rich sensory experiences.

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