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what do chase dreams mean

Dreaming about being chased by something or someone is one of the most common category of dreams. A chase dream can be frightening and intense, but may hold clues to our subconscious mind.

1. Victimization

If you are dreaming about being chased, your subconscious mind may be expressing a feeling of being victimized in life. This may include a relationship in which we feel we have no power, or a sense that society is out to get us.

It is very common for children who are bullied at school to have dreams about being chased. These dreams express the feelings of helplessness and powerlessness that are being experienced in life.

To deal with chase dreams, it is important to ask yourself what you are running away from in life. Often, the dream will hold clues. If you have feelings of being victimized, ask yourself if it is possible to stand up to the situation.

2. Escaping Responsibility & Avoidance

dreams about being chased

Often, dreams about being chased can symbolize a desire or need to escape something in life. This can be a responsibility that feels overwhelming, like a large debt or caring for a sick loved one. The dreamer may also be avoiding something more subtle, like the need to assert themselves or a sense of dissatisfaction with life.

The American Indians taught that when faced with a recurring chase dream, we should turn and confront our pursuer. This can free us from the perpetual pattern of avoidance and give us the resolve to break out of the cycle.

Facing our fears rather than running away can give us a greater sense of control in life. Once brought to life, we often find that even our deepest fears can't harm us. In this way, dreaming about being chased can actually be a gift if we choose to stand up to what is chasing us.

3. Denying Something Within Ourselves

Our dreams about being chased may also be telling us that we're denying something within ourselves. It may be that a rejected part of you needs to be acknowledged and accepted, and that is what is chasing you in the dream. Once we do so, emotional schisms are put to rest and the personality can be fully integrated and expressed.

Common symbology in chase dreams includes being chased by shadows, which signifies being chased by something repressed within us. Being chased by an animal indicates that we are running from the power of our own passions. In order to resolve the issue, we have to pause, acknowledge, and come to terms with whatever it is in ourselves that we are afraid of.

We may be running from a fear of failure, a fear of responsibility, or a fear that we aren't good enough. Whatever it is, dreams about being chased hold the keys to our subconscious.

Analyzing Your Dreams About Being Chased:

If you have been dreaming about being chased, here are some questions to ask yourself that should help you decode your chase dream:

  • What are you running away from in life?
  • Are you feeling an underlying fear in life, or sense that something is looming?
  • Is there some situation or circumstance that you are trying to avoid?
  • Is there something about yourself that you find difficult to accept?
  • Is someone in your life causing you stress or trying to bully you?
  • Do you feel victimized by something from your past?
  • Do you feel a sense of conflict between two aspects of your self?
  • Is it possible to stand up to whatever it is you're trying to avoid?

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