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how to remember your dreamsFor those that want to know how to remember your dreams, there are a few things you can do!

Remembering your dreams can sometimes be quite difficult as they often quickly fade away from our memories after we wake up.

So we are going to discuss some things you can do to increase your chances of recalling your dreams.

Step 1: Get Prepared

  • Go To Sleep Relaxed, Not Exhausted!

Before you go to bed you want to make sure you are completely relaxed and you don't want to go to bed completely drained or over-tired otherwise it will be harder to remember your dreams because you will fall into a deep sleep state.

  • Lay Off The Coffee & Alcohol!

You want to stay away from caffeine and alcohol, or any other stimulants before bed as these will hinder your ability to recall dreams.

  • Yes I Can!

While you are slowly drifting off to sleep, make a conscious attempt to remember your dreams by repeating to yourself that you will remember your dreams, or simply go to sleep with the intention of remembering your dreams that night!

Step 2: Remembering Your Dreams

  • Wake Yourself Up!

If you wake up during or shortly after a dream then it will be easier to remember! So waking yourself up during the night is one simple way that you can increase your chances of remembering a dream.

You can do this two ways; the easy way or the hard way! The easy way would be to just set your alarm clock, while the hard way would be to drink plenty of water before bed so that you wake up during the night needing to use the toilet. I call this ‘the hard way' because it is a lot easier to hit the snooze button on a clock or a phone, than it is to force yourself out of bed to nip to the toilet!

  • Gather Your Thoughts!

When you wake up, either during the night or in the morning, lay there for a short while and focus on trying to remember as much about your dreams as you possibly can. Lay still while you do this and stay calm and relaxed.

You want to have either a voice recorder or pen and paper nearby so that you can quickly jot down anything you remember!how to remember dreams when you wake up

Step 3: Have A Dream Journal

  • Track Your Dreams!

The best way to record your dreams would be in a dream journal! This allows you to keep track of your dreams, when you had them, and quickly spot any similarities between them. You will also want to place this next to your bed along with a pen, within arm's reach so that you can quickly and easily jot things down about your dreams.

  • Get Down The Key Points!

Ideally you want to record as much detail as you can remember about your dreams, such as how you felt in the dream, what was taking place, the people, objects, etc. However, most people have very little time in the morning after they wake up as they need to get ready for work or school. So at minimum, just aim to get down the key points from the dreams, or the things that stood out to you the most and the date you had the dream.

  • Spot The Trends!

Once you get into the habit of doing this, you will have a neat little diary of your recent dreams and you will then be able to easily spot any similarities or running themes between them which can help you to spot what part of your life the dreams are about!

Whether or not you decide to log your dreams in a dream journal is up to you, but one thing's for sure, the more you do this the easier remembering your dreams will become! Now next time someone asks how to remember dreams, you'll have all the answers!

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