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Dreaming about waves symbolize growing uncertainty, instability, emotional turbulence, or anxiety regarding a negative situation. Alternatively, waves can also represent power and potential.

Dreaming of seeing calm, clear waves or no waves at all represents clarity, renewal, stability, peace of mind, and calm emotions. It may also symbolize deep reflection for an important decision you will have to make in the near future.

To dream of hearing the waves crashing means that you are in need of love and tenderness from your other half. This also represents feelings of tranquility, sexuality, and sensuality.

To dream of unclear and violent waves means that you have made poor decisions on important matters.

Dreaming of being caught in a tidal wave indicates that you are keeping your emotions to yourself. It also means that you need to address an important emotional issue in your life.

Dreaming of riding a wave, on the other hand, means that you are trying to control these emotions.

To dream of a wave that hits the boat you are in and makes you fall into the water means that you are acting irrationally and that you are making decisions based on your emotions rather than your brain.