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Dreams about vaginas most often have to do with the dreamer’s self-image, his/her receptivity, and his/her compliance to different ideas. It also represents your sexual desires and your concerns with your own femininity.

If a woman dreams of a vagina, it represents her receptivity. If a man dreams of it, then it represents inferiority and his need for masculinity and penetration.

Dreaming of your own vagina means that you are uncomfortable with your femininity and sexuality.

To dream of a big vagina reflects easy and repetitive situations. To dream of small vaginas, on the other hand, represents difficult and rare situations.

Seeing a desirable vagina in your dream means that something in your life is currently in demand. On the other hand, an ugly vagina represents having something that is undesirable to others.

Dreaming of the vagina of a child may signify something or someone that is too uninteresting or immature for you.