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Dream interpretation is a subjective field, as the meaning of a dream can vary depending on a person's individual experiences, emotions, and beliefs. However, in general, a dream about a statue can represent several things.

One common interpretation is that a statue in a dream represents a frozen or rigid aspect of oneself or a situation in waking life. This may indicate a feeling of being stuck or trapped, or a need to break free from a stagnant situation.

Alternatively, a dream about a statue may represent something that is permanent or enduring, such as a long-term goal or ambition. This may be a reminder to stay committed and focused on what you want to achieve, even if progress is slow.

Finally, a statue in a dream may also represent a specific person, such as a mentor or role model, who embodies certain qualities or characteristics that you admire or aspire to. This may be a sign to seek out their guidance or to strive to emulate their example.