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A dream with a rose or roses is a symbol of passion, perfection or bliss.

The dream may suggest that you are focusing on love, beauty, romance, femininity or sexuality. Perhaps you are looking for love or want to feel beautiful/look your best for example.

Alternatively, the dream can imply that you are focusing on purity and innocence, spiritual awareness, honor and respect, or appreciation and accomplishment. Perhaps you are progressing elegantly and gracefully in some aspect of your personal life.

The color of the rose can indicate: romance, love or affection (pink); compassion, friendship or joy (yellow); passion or enthusiasm (red); purity or innocence (white); death or sickness (black).

The openness of the rose petals symbolizes the level at which you express yourself or how emotionally open you are. A flat or overly-open rose may imply fatigue, while a dead or withered rose may indicate non-fulfillment of one's hopes or expectations.

To see a single rose is a symbol of appreciation and gratefulness, while a rose bud would suggest you need to be more optimistic or open-minded in some aspect of your waking life.