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Dreaming of your family members may denote warmth, security, and love, or jealousy, rivalry, and bitterness, depending on your relationship with them during your waking life. It could also represent too much dependence on them.

To dream of your family not acting like they normally do suggests that you don’t understand where their actions are coming from. It may also mean that you want to be apart for them for a while.

To dream of seeing someone else’s family members represents togetherness, whether you already have it or you are dreaming about having it.

To dream of a someone killing your family implies that you are feeling aloof from them.

Dreaming of a family gathering suggests that you are considering some important decision and are balancing out all the options associated with it. On the other hand, dreaming of a family gathering may also indicate the appearance of differing feelings and opinions while dealing with a certain situation.

Seeing your family happy and content in your dream represents harmony, happiness, peace, and balance in your waking life. Seeing them unhappy warns of sadness, disappointment, and upsetting news in the near future.