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Dreaming of any kind of pipe represents your spiritual channel. It also represents how good you are at coming up with solutions in obstacles you encounter in your daily life.

Dreaming of a water pipe shows your openness and receptiveness when it comes to new ideas. It also shows how well you connect to the people around you and how well you can control your emotions.

Dreaming of a clay pipe suggests the past or old-fashioned thinking.

To dream of a tobacco pipe means escapism while to dream of a musical pipe indicates how well we jive with life’s rhythm.

Dreaming of being inside a pipe may indicate that you are close-minded and that you limit your options and ideas.

If you see yourself smoke a pipe in your dream, it indicates knowledge, contemplation, relaxation, comfort, satisfaction, and/or contentment. If you dream of seeing someone else smoke a pipe, it may just mean that your brain is trying to remind you of that particular person.