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A dream featuring a photograph symbolizes a need to understand something from your past or to let go of the past, you need to look deeper at something or a problem, or some relationship needs attention. Pay attention to what or who is in the photo for more clues.

When you see photographs in a  dream it is usually about a part of yourself. For example if you are looking at a photo of someone then it may suggest that you are wishing to embrace the qualities of what they represent to you, or that it is missing from your life.

If someone gives you a photo of yourself then it implies that you need to take a wider view, look more clearly, be more open-minded or objective in some part of your waking life.

To tear up a photo suggests that you have decided to focus more on your future and let go of things in your past.

If you change the photo in the dream then it implies that something isn't quite as you thought it is or you are portraying yourself as something you are not.