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If you dream of someone calling your name it may suggest that you are confident, or you are not acknowledging something important in some area of your life. Alternatively, the dream may imply that you need to be more confident in some part of your waking life, or there is a part of yourself that needs more attention.

Dreaming of forgetting a name means that you have too much on your plate. If the name you forget happens to belong to yourself or your family members, it suggests that you have forgotten your family values or your roots.

If you dream about changing your name or being called a different name, then this represents a reawakening or a major transformation in some aspect of your waking life.

Seeing a familiar name written down in your dream may symbolize what you truly feel for that person. It may also validate whatever intuition you may have about them.

Dreaming of people with names you don’t know means that there is something in your life that seems unattainable. It may also mean that you are constantly thinking of why certain situations always happen to you.