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A dream with hair symbolizes strength, virility, health and sensitivity.

To get your hair cut in a dream suggests that you are trying to establish order or focusing on self image.  It can also imply that you are being ambitious or making big decisions.

Brushing or playing with your hair implies that you are being mindful of things in your life or your opinions and attitudes. You may be thinking about a new idea or different ways to do something.

If you are losing your hair in a dream then it implies that you need to give yourself more credit, or that you are lacking strength in some area of your life. It may also suggest that you are self conscious, feeling vulnerable or do not like the thought of growing old.

To have tangled hair can suggest that you are feeling confused about something or there is a degree of uncertainty in some part of your life.

If you smell another person's hair then this can suggest that you have sexual cravings.

To have white hair can suggest that you are knowledgeable or intuitive.