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A dream featuring glass is a symbol of non-physical barriers that you put up or others have around them.

If you look through glass then it suggests that you have a clear view or good perspective of something, or that you are experiencing revelations.

To see frosted or murky glass in a dream implies that you are looking for more privacy in some part of your life. It could also represent that you are not quite seeing something for what it truly is.

If you break glass in a dream then it suggests that you are breaking down barriers in some part of your life, or mentally freeing yourself from some hindrance in your life.

If you see broken glass in the dream it can symbolize displeasure, non-fulfillment of hopes or expectations, or a part of your life or a relationship that has changed for the worse. If you are eating glass in the dream then it can suggest you are experiencing communication issues, confusion or vulnerability in some aspect of your waking life.