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A dream where you observe a finger or fingers can represent information that is important to you. 

To see a finger pointing the way may highlight the necessary direction you need to take in some aspect of your life, while a finger pointing at you may imply that you feel responsible for or guilty about something.

If you cross your fingers then it can suggest that you are being optimistic or hoping for luck or success, while to bring together the thumb and middle finger implies that you are suppressing some emotions. 

If you lose your fingers or they are injured then it implies that you are feeling doubtful about something or worried about being able to meet your responsibilities.

Curled fingers can represent information that you or someone is keeping to themselves,  while to interweave the fingers of both hands suggests that you need to practice self control in some are of your waking life.

The ring finger represents a selfless or loving character, while the index finger/forefinger represents authority, judgement or direction. A bent or curled little finger can represent a devious character or act in some part of your life.