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A dream featuring a circle or a circular object is a symbol of the inner self, harmony, completeness or perfection. It can also symbolize the universe or the whole world.

The dream may suggest that you are experiencing peace, harmony, or feeling complete or whole. Alternatively, it may imply you have spiritual awareness and knowledge, live in the present moment, or you know your destiny or direction in life. It may also suggest that you are going round in circles in some aspect of your life, or you have completed a cycle of transition.

To see a circle with a dot in the middle in a dream can symbolize the feminine, completeness, or the spirit.

To stand inside the circumference of a circle represents protection from immorality or wickedness, or that you have set yourself limitations in some part of your life.

If you are closed out of a circumference of a circle then it implies that you are not deserving or worthy of something, or you lack awareness or knowledge of something.