Vivid Dreams

how to have vivid dreams
Sometimes we experience exceptionally vivid dreams, which can range from fun, exciting, or adventurous to downright terrifying. The most vivid dreams are usually experienced just before waking. However, a vivid dream from anytime during sleep can leave a strong impression if it is highly pertinent to something important in your waking life. If vivid dreams […]

What is Sleep Paralysis

what is sleep paralysis
From time to time, some people experience the phenomena of waking from sleep and being unable to move their body or limbs, and this is known as sleep paralysis. This experience can be frightening, but it is actually quite common, and leaves many people asking the question what is sleep paralysis about? According to studies, […]

Precognitive Dreams Revealed

Much has been written in history about great events being foretold by precognitive dreams. A gift for prophetic dreams can give the dreamer the power to avoid huge pitfalls in life or prepare for upcoming challenges. Symbolic vs. Precognitive Dreaming It is important to remember that most dreams contain symbolic content, which means that the […]

What Causes Bad Dreams?

                  We all have bad dreams from time to time. They are simply a normal part of life. If we listen to our dreams, even the bad ones, they may provide us with clues to help us overcome our fears. So Why Do We Have Bad Dreams? […]

Recurring Dreams Meaning

Have you ever wondered what do recurring dreams mean? Well you are not alone! Many people are troubled by the repetitive or recurring dreams that they have, particularly if they are frightening or unpleasant dreams!  The Dreaded Recurring Dreams Sometimes we find ourselves dreaming of the same thing over and over again, either once a month […]