What is REM Sleep

what is rem sleep cycles
So what is REM sleep? REM, or Rapid Eye Movement, is a phase of sleep during which your body regenerates. Vivid dreams are usually experienced during REM sleep. Research indicates that abnormal REM sleep can be problematic, and correlates with Schizophrenia. REM Sleep Cycle The Sleep Cycle consists of 4 stages, through which one must […]

The Stages of Sleep

stages of sleep cycles
It’s likely that you’ve heard in passing that sleep happens in stages. However, what does that really mean? Many of us perceive sleep as something which simply happens to us for several hours each night, without any more depth or complexity than that. So what are these stages of sleep, and why are they important? […]

15 Weird Facts About Dreams

weird facts about dreams
Human beings have dreamt for many thousands of years. In recent times, scientists have delved into the study of dreams in the hopes of unraveling one of our greatest mysteries. However, much still remains unknown about this strange phenomenon. Here are 15 weird facts about dreams you might not know. 1. Every Face You See […]

Do Babies Dream

what do babies dream about
The phrase “sleep like a baby” refers to deep, restful sleep. But people often wonder what do babies dream about? Do babies really pass the night without any neural activity? Is their sleep a calm, silent blanket of mental stillness? Or do babies dream like us? There is evidence that babies do enter a REM […]

What Do Cats Dream About

Dreaming can be a rich part of the life of a human being, but what about our animal companions? When you notice your kitty cat dozing, as cats often do, people often wonder do cats dream just like we do? It’s easy to see your cat lying there asleep and interpret her twitching whiskers, swishing […]

Do Blind People Dream

                  You may find yourself curious to know; what do blind people dream about? If most of their world is dark, what do their dreams look like? There has been much data recorded on the nature of blind people’s dreams as many people wonder can blind people […]

How to Control Your Dreams

Can you control your dreams? Dream research says yes, if you follow a few simple steps. If you want to take your favorite people, places, and subjects with you into your dreams, dream incubation is the way to do it. With just a bit of preliminary work, soon you’ll know how to control your dreams […]

How To Lucid Dream Fast

If you have ever wondered how to lucid dream easily, there are several simple and foolproof steps for becoming an expert at consciously controlling your dreams. Learning how to have lucid dreams is a great way to usefully interact with dream content and bring it into waking life. Lucid dreaming can sometimes happen by accident, […]

Dream Interpretations The RIGHT Way!

Why do people bother with dream interpretation and do our dreams really mean anything important?  We all dream every single night, and so do animals too! Dreams are basically how our subconscious mind communicates with us. So while we are awake we mostly communicate verbally, and while we are asleep we communicate visually. So basically our […]

How To Remember Your Dreams

For those that want to know how to remember your dreams, there are a few things you can do! Remembering your dreams can sometimes be quite difficult as they often quickly fade away from our memories after we wake up. So we are going to discuss some things you can do to increase your chances of […]