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What is REM Sleep

So what is REM sleep? REM, or Rapid Eye Movement, is a phase of sleep during which your body regenerates. Vivid dreams are usually experienced during REM sleep. Research indicates ….Read more →

The Stages of Sleep

It’s likely that you’ve heard in passing that sleep happens in stages. However, what does that really mean? Many of us perceive sleep as something which simply happens to us ….Read more →

Do Babies Dream

The phrase “sleep like a baby” refers to deep, restful sleep. But people often wonder what do babies dream about? Do babies really pass the night without any neural activity? ….Read more →

How To Lucid Dream Fast

If you have ever wondered how to lucid dream easily, there are several simple and foolproof steps for becoming an expert at consciously controlling your dreams. Learning how to have ….Read more →