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A dream with a zebra suggests that you are staying under the radar in some way. It can also imply that you don’t want to be in the limelight or ….Read more →


A dream where you are looking up into the zenith symbolizes prosperity. It implies that you are pursuing a goal and will be successful.


A dream featuring zephyrs implies that you will put love and happiness before money, and in turn will receive the same love back.


A dream with a zigzag implies that you are exploring new things. It can also suggest that you are experiencing a difficulty which is not straightforward.


A dream featuring Zinc symbolizes energetic and considerable progress of some kind. It also implies that a goal of yours will be reached quickly.


A dream with a zipper implies that you are seeking to move on from a particular situation or that you are doing things quickly or quietly. If you see unzipped ….Read more →


A dream featuring the zodiac symbolizes peace and happiness. It can also imply some kind of material gain.


A dream featuring a zoo symbolizes chaos or instability. It implies that some part of your life is out of control or wild in nature. It also suggests that you ….Read more →