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A dream with a spaceship suggests that you will have a sudden change of direction or that you tend to think in creative ways. It can also imply that you ….Read more →


A dream with an umbilical cord can suggest that you are dependent on other people and you need to be more independent.


A dream with an umbrella suggests that you need to have better control over your finances. To close an umbrella in a dream implies that you are dealing with emotional ….Read more →


A dream with an umpire suggests that you need to consider things carefully before you make decisions in some aspect of your life.


A dream where you are underground implies that your reputation or personal finances may be in danger.


A dream featuring the underworld implies that you have acted inappropriately in some area of your life. The underworld also may symbolize your doubts, fears or wrongdoings.


A dream where you are undressing implies that you need to be more open and honest with people or a certain person. If someone else is undressing then it suggests ….Read more →


A dream featuring unemployment suggests that you are lacking motivation at some level of your being. It can also imply that you feel like you are not doing enough in ….Read more →


A dream with a unicorn symbolizes power, love and aspiration. It can suggest that you are intuitive and have a sense of innocence about you.


A dream with uniform implies that friends will be able to assist you in reaching your goals. To wear a uniform as part of a group implies that you are ….Read more →


A dream where you achieve union suggests that you may be seeking a partner. It symbolizes a coming together of two things or people.


A dream featuring a university implies that you have the potential to learn more in some area of your life or that you are seeking to expand your knowledge in ….Read more →


A dream where you meet a person that you do not know can symbolize good or bad change. It depends on how you personally interpret the person in the dream; ….Read more →


Dreaming of urination may either signify relief from releasing tension and pent-up emotions or your lack of control of your own life. It may also mean that you need to ….Read more →


A dream with urine can represent how you control your emotions. The dream can suggest that you have built up emotions within, ¬†or you give in to them too easily. ….Read more →