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Dreaming of being scared suggests that you are doubting yourself, you feel that you are useless, incompetent, or aren’t in total control of your life. The dream may also imply ….Read more →


A dream where you are schizophrenic but you are not in real life, suggests that you are not willing to accept the consequences or take responsibility for your actions in some ….Read more →


A dream featuring a school suggests that you are thinking back to the time when you was at school, or that you are anxious about the thought of not succeeding in ….Read more →


A dream featuring a scorpion can suggest that you are facing difficulty, feeling hurt, or experiencing some form of negativity in your waking life. Alternatively, the dream may imply that ….Read more →


Dreaming of the sea represents the shift between your conscious mind and your subconscious. It may also represent your emotions and how you understand and perceive different situations. To dream ….Read more →


A dream where you are searching for something or someone suggests that you feel like something is missing from your life, or you are looking for the answer to a ….Read more →


A dream with a seed suggests that you are experiencing new things in your life, or thinking about starting something. It can also imply that you need something, possibly money, to initiate ….Read more →


A dream with sex may suggest you have sexual cravings, you want an intimate relationship or want to spice up your love life. The dream may also suggest that you ….Read more →


A dream where there is a shadow suggests that you are being self-critical, looking at parts of yourself that you are unhappy with or discovering things about yourself you wasn’t consciously aware ….Read more →


A dream with a shark suggests that you are lacking strength or determination in reaching your goals, you have financial issues or you have feelings of anger or hate towards ….Read more →


A dream with sharks can suggest that you need to focus more on your goals, filter out distractions in your life, or be more tenacious. Alternatively, the dream can imply ….Read more →


A dream with sheep implies that you have a fun loving character, you tend to go along with what everyone else is doing or saying, or you are shy and ….Read more →


A dream where it is highlighted that you or someone else is wearing shoes implies that you need to change your outlook on life in some way. If you fix ….Read more →


A dream featuring a shot or a shooting suggests that you need to release some kind of energy, clear the air, are feeling threatened, or are exploring your feelings in ….Read more →


A dream featuring your shoulders or where focus is brought to your shoulders represents strength and responsibility. The dream may suggest that you are experiencing burden in some part of ….Read more →


A dream with silver symbolizes self-reflection or prosperity. The dream may suggest that you are intuitive and goal driven, or that you are searching for bliss. You are self-sufficient and ….Read more →


Dreaming about wearing sindoor means that your life is currently in a transitional phase and that you are about to experience a new beginning. If you are getting marred in ….Read more →


A dream with a skeleton symbolizes the basic form of something. The dream may suggest that you need to look into an idea or an issue in more detail. If ….Read more →


A dream featuring skin symbolizes self-focus. The dream may imply that you are thinking about how you are perceived by others, or that you are facing an issue or something ….Read more →


A dream featuring the sky symbolizes potential or things that are not easily within reach. To dream that you are moving or flying through the sky suggests that you are ….Read more →


A dream with a snake suggests that you are intuitive, or some change or something new is taking place in your life. The dream may imply that there is someone ….Read more →


A dream where there is snow suggests that you are searching for balance in your life, you value integrity, or you are starting something with a fresh approach. The dream ….Read more →


A dream with a sock can represent weak will or the tendency to give in to other people’s desires or wishes. Alternatively, the dream can highlight an understanding character or ….Read more →


A dream of the south suggests that you are seeking joy and laughter in your life, or that you need to be more active or goal driven. It may also ….Read more →


A dream with a spider suggests that you have the ability to shape your life and achieve your desires, you are facing tricky times or a sticky situation, or someone ….Read more →


A dream with a squirrel suggests that you have concerns about being able to provide for yourself or your loved ones, or you are planning for your future. The dream ….Read more →


A dream where there is a stage implies that you like to be the center of focus, you like people to acknowledge your achievements, or you are looking for inspiration ….Read more →


A dream where there are stairs is a symbol of the process or steps you must complete in order to achieve your goals or desires. To walk up stairs represents the effort ….Read more →


A dream featuring a star suggests that you are trying to fill the voids in your life, focusing on abundance or prosperity, or aiming high. The dream may also imply that you ….Read more →


To dream of having an STD or venereal disease may signify regret, mistakes, or wrong choices that you’ve made. The dream may also represent feelings of vulnerability or victimization in ….Read more →


A dream where focus is put on the stomach suggests that you have bottled-up feelings or emotions. It may also suggest that you are learning about new ideas or beliefs. ….Read more →


A dream with a store such as a department or grocery store for example suggests that you have certain needs or desires that you wish to fulfill, or you are ….Read more →


A dream where there is a stranger is a symbol of the part of yourself that you are trying to come to terms with or understand. The dream may suggest ….Read more →


A dream where you are being strangled or strangle someone implies that you are suppressing your emotions or feelings about something or someone.


A dream with a subway suggests that you are feeling confused about something, lost or trapped. Alternatively, it may imply that you are successfully attaining your goals and desires or ….Read more →


Dreaming of committing suicide suggest that you are trying to escape from something in your waking life. You may feel guilty, regretful, or hopeless about something. The dream may also ….Read more →


Dreaming of a suitcase suggests that you are a very composed, rational, and a practical person. However, it may also imply that you need to relax a little and be ….Read more →


A dream featuring the sun suggests that you are hardworking, positive, creative or luck is on your side. The dream may also imply that you are looking to explore the outside world ….Read more →


A dream featuring surgery suggests that there is someone or something in your life that you can do without, or that you are overcoming emotional setbacks. The dream may also ….Read more →


A dream with a swamp suggests that you are feeling drained or held back in some part of your life. It could also imply that you need support or are ….Read more →


A dream with a swan suggests that you are focusing on prosperity, abundance, beauty, and balance. It may also imply that someone is mistreating you or that you are focusing ….Read more →


A dream where you are swimming suggests that you are looking for support or freedom in your life. If you swim underwater then it can imply that you have troubles or problems ….Read more →


A dream with a swimming pool can symbolize your relationships with others or the need to acknowledge your feelings or emotions. Perhaps a relationship in your waking life needs more ….Read more →