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A dream where you feel pain suggests that you are experiencing  emotional difficulty, feeling rejected, embarrassed or emotionally drained. The dream may also reflect pain from past experiences, or it may indicate ….Read more →


A dream where there is a painting or you are painting symbolizes self-expression and creativity. The painting may be significant to you so think about what is in the picture and how ….Read more →


Dreaming of objects that are made from paper may indicate feelings of worthlessness, loss of value, or you are aspiring or working towards some accomplishment in some area of your waking ….Read more →


A dream with a parachute or where you are parachuting suggests that you are worried about failing at something, you are embracing uncertainty in some area of your life, or you are ….Read more →


A dream with a parade suggests that you are seeking social interaction and excitement in your life. It may also imply that you need to express yourself more openly, or ….Read more →


A dream with paralysis suggests that you are feeling passive, sad, overwhelmed, or not able to express yourself fully in some part of your life. The dream may also imply ….Read more →


A dream with a parrot suggests that you need to express yourself more clearly when communicating with others, you’re rambling on, or repeating what others have already said. The dream ….Read more →


A dream where there is a party suggests that you are seeking or crave social  engagement or celebration. The dream may also imply that you feel supported and loved within ….Read more →


A dream with a passport implies that you are looking for permission or acceptance in some part of your life, you have identity or self-esteem issues, or you are seeking travel or ….Read more →


A dream about the past may suggest that some part of your waking life is similar to a situation in your past, or you need to learn from past experiences ….Read more →


A dream where you are making a payment can suggest that you are taking on responsibility, you need to be more resourceful, or you have received something valuable in some ….Read more →


A dream where there is a peacock symbolizes new found wisdom or knowledge. The dream suggests that you feel the need to display boldness and confidence, have high social status ….Read more →


A dream with a pelican suggests that you are selfless, knowledgeable, and take pride in helping those around you. The dream may also imply that you tend to take on ….Read more →


A dream with a penguin implies that you have the ability to adapt to your environment, and have a fun loving character and are full of joy. Alternatively, it may ….Read more →


Dreaming about the invasion of your personal space represents your feelings regarding lack of privacy in your waking life. It may suggest that you have recently been discussing something that ….Read more →


A dream with pets suggests that you are looking for love, affection, and loyalty, and expect the same in return.


A dream with a phoenix suggests that you are anxious about something or you are releasing your inhibitions in some way. You are prepared to embrace change in your life, ….Read more →


A dream featuring a photograph symbolizes a need to understand something from your past or to let go of the past, you need to look deeper at something or a ….Read more →


A dream with a pig suggests that you are being possessive, stubborn, messy or greedy. The dream may also imply that you are sexually stimulated, focusing on prosperity, or intuitive.


Dreaming of any kind of pipe represents your spiritual channel. It also represents how good you are at coming up with solutions in obstacles you encounter in your daily life. ….Read more →


A dream where you put an object in your pocket implies that you are being possessive or protective in some area of your life. If you have your hands in your pockets ….Read more →


A dream with poison suggests that you have negative emotions or feelings, or something in your life needs to go. It may also suggest ill feelings towards someone or you ….Read more →


A dream featuring the police may suggest that you are not abiding by the rules in some way, you are being careless or reckless, or you are experiencing some kind ….Read more →


A dream about poop relates to pride, possession, financial matters, aggression, and shame. To dream of seeing or coming in contact with poop represents your negative and dirty attributes which ….Read more →


A dream with a porcupine suggests that you need to be more open in some aspect of your waking life, or you feel someone is being guarded or defensive. Alternatively, ….Read more →


A dream where there is a pregnancy or you are pregnant suggests that something new will enter your life or you will experience the unexpected. The dream may also imply that you are taking ….Read more →


A dream with a prison suggests that you are feeling guilty about something, facing some kind of restriction, feeling trapped or inundated, or are feeling left out. The dream may ….Read more →


Dreaming of prostitutes usually denotes the dreamer’s poor self-image. It often brings up guilt or insecurities in the dreamer. The dream may also mean that the dreamer isn’t using his/her ….Read more →


A dream with the color purple suggests that you have negative thoughts or emotions, feel a sense or security, you are romantic, or need to explore life more.


A dream with a pyramid suggests that you have reached some kind of target in your life, or you are working towards your aspirations. You feel anxious, or are on ….Read more →