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A dream featuring an oar or the use of oars  symbolizes your personal skills and the control of emotions. If you are rowing with a group of people then this ….Read more →


A dream featuring the ocean represents your emotions. To see a calm ocean in the dream suggests that you have a peaceful state of mind, while erratic and fierce ocean ….Read more →


A dream with an octopus suggests that you are balancing or dealing with various things at the same time. It can also imply that you are facing an intricate task ….Read more →


A dream with an onion represents the various layers or your personality or a part of your life. Pealing an onion in the dream suggests that you need to look at ….Read more →


A dream with an orphan symbolizes fear of rejection. To see an orphan in a dream implies that you are feeling deserted, unwanted or lonely. It may also suggest that you feel ….Read more →


A dream featuring an ostrich suggests that you are hiding from your responsibilities or not willing to face reality or the truth about something in your life. The dream may also suggest ….Read more →


A dream featuring an otter represents playfulness, joyfulness and good fortune. The dream suggests you need to be more lighthearted, or you are learning to be more flexible and move through ….Read more →


A dream with an owl is a symbol of wisdom and strategy. The dream may suggest that you are thinking about learning new skills, or you need not be so ….Read more →


A dream featuring an oyster suggests that you are working hard towards a goal or target. It can also highlight your sexual desires, or suggest that you can be defensive ….Read more →