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A dream with a kaleidoscope implies that you have a creative or playful side to you. It may also suggest that you can expect trouble with attaining a particular goal.


A dream featuring karma implies that you are aware of the consequences of the choices you make in your life. It can also imply that you are emotionally imbalanced or ….Read more →


A dream with some form of keepsake represents your loving and giving nature. It also symbolizes romance.


A dream with a keg symbolizes family loyalty. To see a broken keg in your dream suggests that you are lacking ambition or are experiencing separation from your loved ones.


A dream with a kettle represents change. If you see a kettle boiling in the dream then it suggests your plans will come together. A broken kettle implies that your ….Read more →


A dream with a keyhole can imply that you are facing some kind of confusion in your waking life. It can also suggest that one of your close associates is ….Read more →


A dream with a key suggests that you want to be free from a stressful situation, you are experiencing authority or power issues, you’re being protective, or keeping parts of yourself or ….Read more →


A dream featuring a kick can symbolize lack of motivation. If you kick someone in a dream then it implies that you are facing some kind of stress in your ….Read more →


A dream featuring a kidnapping implies that you are facing concern or issues that you have not dealt with fully yet. If someone is kidnapped then it may suggest that ….Read more →


A dream where there is a killing symbolizes violence. It can suggest that you are facing emotional difficulty such as feelings of anger or rage. If you kill someone or ….Read more →


A dream featuring a kitchen symbolizes your well-being. Focus on the state of the kitchen for ideas about this. To cook for others or yourself suggests that you are open ….Read more →


A dream with a kite suggests you feel a lack of control in some aspect of your life. It also suggests that you need to be more organized to bring ….Read more →


A dream where you kneel implies that you have a stubborn and emotional character. It can also suggest that you are feeling overwhelmed by someone or something.


A dream featuring a knife implies that you feel emotionally vulnerable or betrayed. It can also suggest that you are feeling frustrated about something, or that you have good analytical ….Read more →


A dream featuring a knight symbolizes guidance. It may imply that you need to focus more on the task at hand, or that you are seeking romance.


A dream featuring knitting symbolizes your creative side. It also implies that some task in your waking life is beginning to take shape.


A dream with a knob can symbolize change. If you see a door knob it can suggest that some part of your life is going to have positive change. To ….Read more →


A dream where there is a knock suggests that you can expect something new to appear or take place in your life. It also implies that you are planning the ….Read more →


A dream where you see a knot implies that you are feeling a restriction in some area of your life. It can also imply that you are feeling stressed or ….Read more →


A dream where you instinctively know something can be a way for your subconscious mind to pass various wisdom to you that you may not be aware of in your ….Read more →