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A dream where there is a jab of some kind symbolizes aggression. It implies that you are having some emotional issues in your waking life.


A dream where you see a jailer represents some form of restriction in your life. It implies that you are having some difficulties in some activities in your life.


A dream where something is jammed like a door implies that a difficulty is ahead of you. If you cause a jam in the dream then it implies that you ….Read more →


A dream featuring a jar suggests that you are not progressing in a fluid manner in some part of your life. To see a broken jar implies that something in ….Read more →


A dream with jewellery symbolizes honor and love. It can also represent how others perceive you. To receive jewellery in the dream suggests that you are valued by others around you.


A dream with a jigsaw puzzle suggests that you are putting effort into completing a task, or that you are facing many different solutions to a problem. It can also ….Read more →


A dream involving a job can symbolize the tasks you are facing in your working environment. If you are fired in the dream then it implies that you desire to ….Read more →


A dream where there is a joker or a joke can imply that you are experiencing some stress in your life.


A dream with a journal symbolizes need for organization in your life. It can also imply that you need to look more closely at some aspect of your life.


A dream with a journey symbolizes your lifestyle. If you make a short journey in the dream then it implies that you are researching something such as a new idea ….Read more →


A dream of a jubilee symbolizes new beginnings. It can imply that you are spontaneous in nature and hence are prone to new things. It may also imply some change ….Read more →


A dream where there is a judge implies that you are dealing with moral issues or those of a legal nature. It can also imply that you are being judgmental of yourself ….Read more →


A dream with a juggler implies that your emotions or some part of your life needs more structure or balance. It can also represent you having to deal with multiple ….Read more →


A dream where you jump implies that you are progressing in a positive way in some aspect of your life or that you are seeking some form of attainment. It ….Read more →


A dream where you are in a jungle can suggest that you are impulsive, or that you are in a sticky situation in a part of your life. It can ….Read more →


A dream where there is some form of junk implies that there are things in your life that you are better off without or that you need to clear old ….Read more →


A dream with a jury implies that you are experiencing a situation in your life where you disagree with an overall decision or that your feelings or opinions differ to ….Read more →


A dream featuring justice can symbolize a behavioral imbalance. It suggests that you need to be more aware of your choices and actions.