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A dream with an eagle symbolizes strength and superiority. An eagle implies that you are focusing on some aspect of yourself or your life. You are ambitious and an opportunist and may be setting yourself ….Read more →


A dream featuring earth symbolizes fertility. A dream with earth may suggest that you need to be more grounded or practical in your ways, or that you are thinking about ….Read more →


A dream featuring an earthquake implies that you are facing some emotional instability in your life. The dream may suggest that you have insecurities or feel helpless in some aspect of your ….Read more →


Dreaming of earwax means that you’ve recently heard something negative about yourself and you are disgusted and/or embarrassed of yourself because you know that it is true. However, the dream ….Read more →


Seeing an earwig in your dream suggests that you have or may receive bad news, you are facing obstacles in your family or career plans. The dream may also indicate ….Read more →


A dream featuring the direction East suggests that you may be considering a  new direction in life or new beginnings. It may also imply some kind of self-focus. You may be ….Read more →


A dream where you eat something may suggest that there is something missing in your life, or you are looking for some kind of fulfillment in some way. It could also symbolize new ideas. To eat ….Read more →


A dream with an egg symbolizes untapped potential. An egg may suggest that there are new possibilities or potential within your grasp. It may imply that you are focusing on your creative side, or ….Read more →


A dream with electricity symbolizes power and energy. The dream may imply that you need a boost in some part of your life, or that you have high emotions or ….Read more →


A dream with an elephant symbolizes wisdom. It suggests that you appreciate qualities of patience, integrity, intellect and memory and embrace these characteristics for success and prosperity. It may also imply that ….Read more →


A dream with an elevator is symbolic of your emotions and journey in life. The direction and motion of movement is important when assessing the dream. If you move up in an ….Read more →


A dream featuring an enemy implies there is some kind of conflict in your life. You may be facing confrontation, or dealing with issues over your body. The dream may ….Read more →


A dream where you try to escape from someone or something implies that you are looking for freedom or feeling threatened or dominated in some aspect of your life. If you escape from confinement or ….Read more →


To dream of something or someone evil suggests that the dark and negative side of yourself needs to be released or recognized, or that you feel like someone is plotting ….Read more →


A dream featuring an explosion is an outburst of built up emotions. You may be experiencing strong emotions of any kind, or you need to let go of something. This could ….Read more →


A dream where focus is put on the eyes symbolizes protection, stability, knowledge, wisdom, enlightenment or spiritual knowledge. It may also be a symbol of your focus on clarity or ….Read more →