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A dream where you are driving a car represents your motivation and direction in life, while the way you drive is symbolic of the way you navigate through your life.

Being the driver of the car represents taking an active role in your life's direction, whereas if you are seated in the passenger side then this implies that you are being passive. To be in the back seat suggests that you are easily influenced by others, have confidence issues or low self-esteem.

If you are driving recklessly then it suggests that you don't take responsibility, whereas driving in reverse implies that you have changed your decision about something or you are slipping back to old ways.

If you purchase a car then it suggests that you have made a decision about your life's direction, whereas if a car is on fire then it implies that you are experiencing tension or pressure.

If a car is stolen then it implies that you have lost your identity, while a car crash can suggest that you are concerned about how your life will turn out.

To be overtaken by a car implies that you are feeling left behind in some part of your waking life.