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Dreaming of something broken symbolizes stress, damage, or loss in your waking life. If the broken item happens to be the dreamer’s favorite object, it suggests that changes must be made and the dreamer has to let go of something, or move on from the past.

To dream of breaking something implies that changes are taking place or you need to change the direction of your life. It may also mean that you need to “take a break” from everything that’s happening during your waking hours or that you are having financial difficulties.

Dreaming of broken bones symbolizes the discovery of a weak point in your thinking or plans. To dream of broken windows indicates vulnerability, shattered expectations, and broken promises. It may also suggest that you have a misleading outlook on life.

To dream of fixing a broken window means that you are trying to reassess how you see life or you are reevaluating some aspect of your waking life.