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A dream with a box implies that you are a rigid thinker, or you are feeling boxed in or facing limitation or restriction in some part of your waking life. Alternatively it may suggest that you need better structure in your life, or you feel the need to protect or preserve some part of yourself.

An ordinary or plain box can represent everyday concerns, whereas an ornament-like or decorative box may highlight your colorful personality or character.

If you are placing objects into a box then it suggests that you are trying to deal with a troublesome situation, or trying to cope with or rid yourself from your thoughts or feelings about something.

To open a box or take something out of a box suggests that you are revealing something about yourself, you have discovered something about yourself, or an aspect of yourself or character has come out in the open. If you are fearful when opening the box then it may highlight parts of yourself that you are anxious about. The item you take out of the box will have some significance also.

If the box is empty then it can imply that you are not being resourceful, you feel like something has been taken from you, or you have experienced some kind of a loss.