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To dream of ants means that you are unhappy with your current situation in life. It represents feelings of inattention, abandonment, irritation, and frustration. It may be an indication of your desire to free yourself from work constraints and become more individualistic.

Alternatively, the dream may also be the brain’s way of telling you that you should learn how to work with others in order to achieve your goals. On a more positive note, seeing ants in your dream may also represent meticulousness, production, persistence, and even career growth.

To dream of ants going inside your body means that you need to rid yourself of certain toxins in your body.

If your house is being invaded by ants in your dream, then there may be something bugging or annoying you in your waking life.

Dreaming of ants biting you may represent unkind words and acts that are directed towards you during your waking hours.